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If you want to use Wi-Fi, then you should buy a router. A router can spread the internet connection to wireless. For this reason, users do not need to be expert. Because all of the necessary material come with the router in the router box. The users should read all of the papers and manuals which has come with the device. If the users follow all for the papers, then it will be easy for them to setup setting and maintain everything properly. Users can learn many things from those papers and manual which will help users to setup setting and manage the device.
There are two types of IP addresses, one is private IP address and another public IP address. Private IP address is used in the networking devices and public IP address is used in the websites. The Private IP address is setup in the router by the manufacturer and manufacture also choose an IP address as default. This default IP address is selective. For using home, many routers are made and most of the routers use default IP address But many Linksys routers and networking devices use same IP address. Usually, there is no basic different in manual IP address and default IP address but default IP address cannot be replaced. This is why, it is useful. However, private IP cannot be accessed from the outside like public IP address.
The IP address is used in the router as for address of the device. If there is no IP address was setup in the router, then it was difficult to identify by the routers, this why the IP address is used in the router and other networking devices. The default IP address is necessary for login to the routers. Users need to use username and password for login to the router control. In many routers and networking devices use “admin” for username and password. All of those information will be available in the router manual or in the papers which are available in the router box. All of those default information is necessary for login to the router and you may need to use that information for later use. So, you should keep those information safe.
You need to use a browser to login to the router. You can use you default browser in this case. On the browser address bar, you have to type the IP address and when you press on the Enter button, then the login screen will appear. On the login screen, you need to use username and password what are come with the device as default. After using username and password, now press the enter button again and login to the device. Now you can control your devices along with the router. Every device which are connected with the router via Wi-Fi, you can maintain and you can easily filter all of those devices in use. You can control routers and secure the Wi-Fi connection very easily. You need to use the router manual well.
Users should not change the default IP address until the user face any problem. Some users want to change the IP address for no specific reason. Some of them show the cause of security of the router but it is also a false reason. However, if you want to change the default IP address, then users need to follow the IP address class. Users should maintain this class when they want to change the IP address. There are three types of IP address classes A, B and C but most of the manufacturer use IP address from Class C.
The IP address is from Class C. Users can identify the IP address class to see the IP address starting series. The Class C IP address runs from to When user want to change the IP address, then the user needs to maintain the IP address class. He has to choose any one IP address from IP address range as manual IP address in the router. No can use any IP address from out of the IP address range. The router does not let you install the manual IP address if it is figured wrong.
The user needs to change the IP address only for the IP address confliction problem. This problem is common when user uses multiple devices in the same network and all of the device or any two devices use same IP address. usually modem and router cannot use same IP address. If those devices use same IP address, the IP address confliction error occurs and the IP address change is the great solution. There is no way to solve this problem. When the user changes the IP address, then user must save the new or manual IP address in the router.
If you want to check the router and computer devices, then ping command is the great option. It is very easy to use ping command. You need to use the IP address what you set up or the IP address what is installed by manufacture or default IP address. Ping commands with the IP address are “ping” or “ping -t”. Both commands give good feedback but those have different works in similar status. You can use continuous ping if you want to know information quick and of every second. But a ping “ping” does not give you continuous ping information like continuous ping “ping -t”.
If you cannot remember login detail what you have saved in the router. You cannot retrieve password and username or the IP address. That is why, manufactures add the reset button with the device When the user will press the button, then all of the information will removed. Users may need to press the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds. When the all manual information will be removed, then users should try to use default information on the browser. User can choice any browser as a tool.
There are many reasons of an IP address can be blocked and some common reasons are firewall block the IP address, virus or for the network. Those are easy to unblock the IP address from the firewall and use update antivirus for checking the computer. If the network cannot recognize the IP address, then user should go to control panel and then go to network where users should make the IP address recognized.
Reading the router manual and other papers are important thing. Users do not need to visit any other website but they can visit YouTube.com to get video instruction.